Garth Brooks Will Not Perform at Trump's Presidential Inauguration

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The rumors about Garth Brooks performing at Trump's inauguration can now be put to rest. According to a source of The Wrap, Brooks has decided to sit out on this performance. So far, there has been no comment at this time from Brooks as to why he will not be performing.

The rumors transpired last week as many media outlets stated that Brooks was going to be the entertainment for the inauguration, while many other A-list stars refused to perform. Earlier this month, Brooks even gave TMZ a rather cryptic answer when asked about the inauguration. "It's always about serving," he said. "It's what you do."

Trump met with rapper Kanye West on Tuesday, setting off speculation that perhaps West could be taking the stage on inauguration day. However, West declined to comment when asked by reporters at the Trump Hotel in New York, where West met with Trump.

West later than tweeted about the meeting, stating that it was about multicultural issues, violence in Chicago, bullying and education.

"We are focused on organizing and exciting and uniting celebration of freedom and democracy while following all rules, regulations and appropriate standards of conduct," Trump's camp said in a statement.

So will West be the one performing at the ceremony? With Brooks out of the picture now, he very well could be. All will be revealed on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2017.

If you were hoping to see Brooks perform in January, don't worry. You can still catch him out on the road next year. You can find a full list of upcoming tour dates via his official website.

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Garth Brooks Will Not Perform at Trump's Presidential Inauguration