Garth Brooks to Mentor Top 12 Finalists on ‘The Voice’

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Twelve very lucky singers will get the opportunity of a lifetime on The Voice. Bona fide country legend Garth Brooks has stepped in as a mentor for this season’s contestants.

That’s the same Garth Brooks who all but disappeared from the world in the mid-2000s and kept his material off the internet for as long as possible. Now, the first artist to ever reach diamond status seven times just embraced the world of reality TV.

Brooks steps in to provide guidance to the Top 12 contestants starting Nov. 14. The field narrowed after Monday’s show, which left some fans a little unhappy. The 2-hour episode featured 20 singers and eight eliminations. Normally, that kind of action takes two full episodes. But NBC understandably bumped the show’s normal Tuesday time slot for election coverage.

No word yet on exactly what Brooks will teach the finalists. But if his record-setting concerts have anything to do with it, Brooks could teach them a thing or two about performing and connecting with the audience.

Or maybe he’ll clue folks in on how he became one of the greatest selling artists of all time? Whatever it is, the finalists are in for a treat. And so is the rest of the world when we watch that lovable weirdo give his guidance.

The show seriously went country over the past few episodes when Tim McGraw and Faith Hill also provided their expertise to all of the contestants. They’re preparing for a huge world tour together. Meanwhile, Brooks just released a new single and has not one but two albums on the way. Oh, he also recently won Entertainer of the Year at the 50th CMA Awards. Not bad Garth, not bad.

Meet Garth Brooks’ Biggest (and Oldest) Fan:

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Garth Brooks to Mentor Top 12 Finalists on ‘The Voice’