Garth Brooks Surprises Mom and Super-Fan on 'Good Morning America'

Garth Brooks surprised one woman with an unforgettable Mother's Day gift.

Karen Garrison got the Mother's Day surprise of a lifetime from Garth Brooks.

Garrison, who named her son Garth and her daughter Brook after the country superstar, got a surprise visitor at her door thanks to Good Morning America. The television crew showed up on her Darlington, Wisconsin doorstep to surprise her while Brooks came up to her from behind with a hug that brought the mother to tears.

Her daughter, Brook, nominated her mother for the big surprise. "This was an ultimate thank you from us kids, but also the people that you've also become a second mother to," she told ABC News. "You take care of everyone, and it's a big thank you from us."

The Mother's Day gift was the perfect choice for the mom and super-fan who owns two copies of every Garth Brooks CD, just in case one stops working.

The surprises didn't stop there for the Garrison family. Brooks flew out the entire family to his sold out concert in Omaha, Nebraska on his private jet later that night.

When her kids initially asked their mother what she wanted for the holiday, she said she just wanted mulch. When asked if this gift was better, she said through teary eyes, "100 percent better."

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Garth Brooks Surprises Mom and Super-Fan on 'Good Morning America'