Garth Brooks Gives 4 Millionth Ticket Buyer Huge Surprise Gifts

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For most Garth Brooks fans, getting to see him live is enough. Others are able to meet the mega-star backstage before the concert. But, there are a select few fans who get an even better experience with Brooks.

When a teacher purchased her concert ticket for the May 12 show in Grand Rapids, Mich., she became the four millionth ticket buyer to a Garth Brooks concert.

Naturally, Garth Brooks doesn't take these types of things lightly. He is a huge fan of his fans and loves to surprise them in amazing ways. So, after the woman made her way to the concert venue, security informed her that she would be meeting Garth Brooks back stage.

Brooks didn't stop with just meeting his four millionth ticket holder. He gave her some pretty amazing gifts, including a trip to Las Vegas, a $5,000 shopping spree, a red Corvette and a black Jeep Cherokee. He didn't stop there, though, he also went on to pay off the teacher's student loans.

So, what began as a trip to a Garth Brooks concert, wound up changing one woman's life forever. This is definitely a concert she will never forget.

Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood are currently in the middle of a huge tour, but will be taking a break the rest of the month. The tour will start back up in June in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Probably the most exciting portion of this tour will take place on July 9th, when Brooks will return to New York City for the first time in 20 years.

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Garth Brooks Gives 4 Millionth Ticket Buyer Huge Surprise Gifts