Garth Brooks Shares Details of Upcoming Album, ‘Gunslinger’

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Garth Brooks fans won’t have to wait much longer to hear his highly-anticipated eleventh studio album. During his Inside Studio G series via Facebook Live on Oct. 17, the country star revealed some big details about the release.

The record will be entitled Gunslinger, and will be will be available Nov. 25. Brooks says the album name was inspired by his return to the touring circuit.

“The album title came to me when somebody asked me what my favorite thing about being on the road was,” Brooks said in a press release. “I said ‘It just feels good to be out there being a gunslinger again. Just aiming with the heart and shooting from the hip, that’s what you do on the stage, right? And, lucky enough, you’ve got the ammo of ‘Friends in Low Places,’ ‘Callin’ Baton Rouge,’ ‘Shameless’ and you do.  You’re a gunslinger out there. And each show’s different and you just shoot from the hip all night long.’ As soon I said it, I knew that was the album title right there.”

Last week, Brooks released his first single from Gunslinger“Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance.” He and wife Trisha Yearwood are also set to perform a medley of country duets at the 2016 CMA Awards on Nov. 2.

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Garth Brooks Shares Details of Upcoming Album, ‘Gunslinger’