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Garth Brooks Gives Heartfelt Gift to Fan Injured En Route to His Concert

While on his way to a Garth Brooks concert, a Tennessee teenager fell asleep at the wheel. After surviving a near-fatal crash, he received a heartfelt gift from the kindhearted country star.

According to Action News 5, Jake Stroud was running a fever before he started driving to the show. Drowsy from cold medicine, he fell asleep at the wheel while on his way to pick up his girlfriend. Although he narrowly escaped death, Stroud also missed the concert.

While recovering from his injuries in the hospital, his friends and family created the now-viral hashtag #GarthGoSeeJake. Social media users across the nation shared the hashtag thousands of times, and eventually caught the eye of Garth Brooks himself.

Brooks was unable to visit Stroud in person, but made sure Stroud received something special to lift his sprits. A box filled with memorabilia, including T-shirts, a signed picture, DVDs and much more, arrived at Stroud's home soon after the crash.

Although he was grateful for the gifts Brooks sent him, Stroud would give it all back for the chance to have made it to the concert safely.

Still, with large scars left across Stroud's body, the teen considers himself lucky to be alive.

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Jake is still overwhelmed by the generosity and support he continues to receive. He is especially surprised by the kindness Brooks shared with him.

"I was just shocked with as many things as he sent me," Stroud explained. "He didn't have to do anything for me. I was just going to his concert. Just shows you what kind of person he is and they are everybody else is."

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