Garth Brooks Reveals Surprising Picks for Dream Collaborations

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Most fans would think that country superstar Garth Brooks would easily be able to work with any artist he wants. Over the years, he's performed many unexpected duets with everyone from KISS to Justin Timberlake.

During a recent press conference in Florida, the 53-year-old revealed the three pop artists he would love to collaborate with in the future. His number one choice, which may surprise many hardcore country fans, is one of pop music's most controversial stars.

"The person that kills me probably the most right now was actually at the show in Chicago... Lady Gaga," Brooks said. "It was weird to have her in the audience, knowing that she was in the audience the whole time, because it was a lot of pressure."  Acknowledging that the pop star is overwhelmingly talented, Brooks said that, "She's a monster. Great entertainer. She could go head-to-head with anybody."

Brooks second pick was fellow shock-pop artist Miley Cyrus, who Brooks believes is one of modern music's most underrated talents.

"She'll try to make you think she's crazy as she can be, but that little gal is talented as hell," Brooks explained. "I sat at soundcheck with her, [the] mic wasn't on and she was just singing and it was just her. That gal's got talent coming out of her ears."

His last choice was crossover success Kelly Clarkson, who has previously performed with Brooks' wife, Trisha Yearwood.

"[She] has no ceiling, whatsoever," Brooks said of the former American Idol winner."She's very rare. One of those very rare artists [that] I don't know if I've ever heard the top of her range, so it's amazing."

It's not clear if Brooks' revelation has sparked any plans for future duets, but we can all keep our fingers crossed.

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Garth Brooks Reveals Surprising Picks for Dream Collaborations