Watch Garth Brooks Perform His New SEC Football Theme 'Pure Adrenaline'

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As promised, a new Garth Brooks song kicked off a college football game over the weekend. A 30-second clip of "Pure Adrenaline" opened the UCLA vs. A&M game on Saturday.

CBS shared the clip on its Twitter before the game. Brooks made a custom version of the clip for a different football game every week during the season. But the refrain remains the same. Brooks sings, "Now it's kicking in -- pure adrenaline. No one's ever been where you're standing; time to dial it in: pure adrenaline."

The tune has an almost "Fever"-esque vibe to it. Not surprising, considering the song and video feel like they're ripped straight out of the 1990s.

The partnership between Brooks and college football extends only to CBS and games involving the SEC conference. Nashville, where Brooks lives, is home to SEC team Vanderbilt Commodores. But since he graduated from Oklahoma State, his allegiance lies with the Big 12's Cowboys.

In addition to hyping up football fans, "Pure Adrenaline" appears on Brooks' upcoming new album. While we don't know much about the record, we do know he's been working on it tirelessly and will release it independently.

The megastar also has a christmas duets album with wife Trisha Yearwood in the mix.

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Watch Garth Brooks Perform His New SEC Football Theme 'Pure Adrenaline'