Garth Brooks Gives Fans a Sneak Peek of His Upcoming RodeoHouston Shows


If you were lucky enough to score tickets to see Garth Brooks this year at RodeoHouston, you'll be delighted to see that the new star-shaped stage at NRG Stadium appears to be every bit as amazing as expected.

When RodeoHouston first unveiled plans for the pricey stage, Houstonians were told part of the structure would spin and parts could be raised into the air. Now, thanks to Garth Brooks broadcasting through Facebook Live, we can finally see details of the impressive star-stage.

Brooks will be the first musician to perform on the stage starting tonight, Feb. 27, to open the series of RodeoHouston shows for 2018. On March 18, Brooks will also close out the festivities with the final RodeoHouston performance for this year.

As Brooks points out in the video, the middle of the stage will spin, like the old revolving stage, so each person in the stadium will get to see the whole band performing. It takes about four minutes for the interior of the star to make a round.

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Brooks also shows viewers that the arms of the star can lift up in increments of 10, 20 and 30 feet, helping the performer to dazzle audiences up in the tip-top of the nosebleed seats of NRG Stadium.

Watch the video below to see how excited Brooks is to christen the new stage and perform for his fans who are in for an incredible show!

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Garth Brooks Gives Fans a Sneak Peek of His Upcoming RodeoHouston Shows