Garth Brooks Bounces Back From Farming Injury, Hosts Album Release Party

Honoree Garth Brooks performs on stage during the 2020 Gershwin Prize Honoree's Tribute Concert at the DAR Constitution Hall on Wednesday, March 4, 2020, in Washington. (Photo by Brent N. Clarke/Invision/AP)

Garth Brooks' interactive listening party for two new albums slated for a Nov. 20 release, Fun and Triple Live, was originally planned for Oct. 21, but it went live later in October after the singer injured his left hand in a farming accident.

Brooks explained the injury during an appearance on The Bobby Bones Show.

"I was loading the chop saw, grabbing the back end of it," Brooks said. "The damn thing collapsed on me. When I felt it, I didn't want to see it, so I took my right hand and just kind of felt my left hand to make sure all my parts were there. I got lucky, everybody's been so sweet to ask. It's going to be black and blue for a while, but I got really, really lucky."

In an interview with's Katie Neal, Trisha Yearwood said that Brooks was putting tools away after working on a deck when the injury happened.

The video event has since aired via Talk Shop Live, with Brooks noticeably having a discolored fingernail on his left ring finger.

Songs teased during the live event include Brooks' duet version of "Shallow" featuring Yearwood. The country star couple first sung the song from the A Star is Born soundtrack on its weekly Facebook Live series Inside Studio G.

"Everything kind of lit up, and in this business everything lights up and then it goes away. This did not go away," Brooks said about "Shallow." "It just kept lighting up and lighting up, so we went ahead and, per the people, tried it for the new record.

"And, man, I got to tell you, I always thought Bradley Cooper and I had a lot in common. Now I know we do," the Country Music Hall of Fame member continued. "We both understand that a great song is just finding a great female singer and Gaga is one of the greatest. Miss Yearwood is one of the greatest ... so it is officially going to be the single off the record coming up."

New songs we've already heard from Fun include "Stronger Than Me," which Brooks preformed at the 2018 CMA Awards in tribute to Yearwood, plus "All Day Long," "Courage of Love," "The Road I'm On," "Party Gras (The Mardi Gras Song)," "That's What Cowboys Do" and a Blake Shelton duet that's still got traction on country radio, "Dive Bar."

So far, seven of the 14 album tracks can be found on Amazon Music.

Fun will be Brooks' first studio album since 2016's Gunslinger. It's been finished for a while now, but Brooks struggled to select a release date during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

"The album's ready to go," the "Friends in Low Places" singer said during the May 11 episode of Inside Studio G. "It's just, how do you get out and promote and be happy and jolly while everybody's out there fighting for their lives not only physically, but fighting for their lives financially?"

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The Oklahoma native turned Nashville icon will also re-release Triple Live, a live album previously included in his The Legacy Collection vinyl box set, on Nov. 20. Triple Live Deluxe compiles songs from Brooks' 2014-2017 World Tour plus bonus tracks from his 2019 Stadium Tour. Think of it as a post-comeback answer to 1998's similarly packaged (with multiple album cover options) and promoted Double Live.

Brooks is the only entertainer from any genre with nine albums to achieve diamond sales status in the United States: Garth Brooks (diamond), No Fences (17x platinum), Ropin' the Wind (14xp latinum), The Chase (diamond), In Pieces (diamond), The Hits (diamond), Sevens (diamond), Double Live (21x platinum), and The Ultimate Hits (diamond).

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Garth Brooks Bounces Back From Farming Injury, Hosts Album Release Party