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Garth Brooks Honors Late Firefighter Who Sang ‘The Dance’ from His Hospital Bed

Sometimes you hear a song so perfectly sung you can’t imagine a more poignant time and place for it. Columbia, Mo. resident Michele Wright posted a video to Facebook last month of her brother, Marc Wright, singing Garth Brooks‘ hit song “The Dance” as he laid in his hospital bed. Sadly, Marc passed away from cancer only days after performing the song.

As a firefighter for 25 years with the Columbia, Mo. Fire Department, Marc already possessed a great deal of bravery. But after a three year battle with cancer culminating in a final song, Marc’s courage is even more evident as he sings, “Yes my life is better left to chance/I could have missed the pain but I’d of had to miss the dance.”

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After Michele posted the video, it quickly reached over a million views and even got back to Garth Brooks himself. In a Facebook Live stream, the musician spoke about how emotionally powerful the performance was. “This guy gets it, everyone in the room gets it,” Brooks said, stating that he’s never heard the song performed so touchingly.

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