Garth Brooks Makes the Trade of a Lifetime With Fan

Garth Brooks is the man for doing this.

Last week, Brooks was in Sacramento, Calif. playing a string of shows that brought in more than 100,000 fans from all around the Golden State.

During one of the shows, he spotted a fan by the stage holding a cardboard sign in the shape of a guitar that read "Hey Garth, Want to Make a Trade?" Brooks stopped the show and asked the fan to pass it up for inspection. He held it up to the stage lights, made a few playful observations and agreed to make the trade.

"I hope it brings you as much joy as it's brought me," he told the fan, as he passed her the guitar amid wild cheers from the audience.

Before Brooks returned to his band, he reached into his pocket for one more prize: his trusty guitar capo.

And that my friends is why Garth Brooks has more loyal fans than anyone in country music. Because he's the man.

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Garth Brooks Makes the Trade of a Lifetime With Fan