Garth Brooks’ Music May Be Coming to Major Streaming Platforms

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Garth Brooks is moving one step closer to bringing his expansive music catalog to major online streaming services.

In a new interview with the Charlotte Observer, Brooks announced the launch of his new SiriusXM channel in September. The channel will feature live recordings, commentary and digitally remastered versions of his album tracks. Brooks says he has spent over three years optimizing his recordings so they would sound flawless in a digital format.

“This all has been remixed, remastered digitally for streaming purposes,” he said. “We (took) every individual guitar lick and digitized it and put (the songs) back together.”

This is a big step for Brooks, who has opted to keep his music off major streaming platforms except for his own GhostTunes website. This move to make his catalog ready to stream may mean that Apple Music and Spotify users may get the chance to hear their favorite Garth songs whenever they’d like in the not too distant future.

“Sirius is the logical first step toward a streaming deal from one of the bigger companies if that’s going to happen,” Brooks explained. “Since we are not streaming, this is the logically next step to eventually get to that streaming deal.”

Many have criticized Brooks’ two-year-old GhostTunes platform for being out of date and inconvenient to use. With the popularity of streaming continually rising, don’t be surprised if you soon see the country star finally opt to bring his music to the online masses.

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Garth Brooks’ Music May Be Coming to Major Streaming Platforms