Garth Brooks is Officially Bigger Than the Beatles

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John Lennon may have controversially declared The Beatles more popular than Jesus, but it looks like Garth Brooks is officially more popular than the beloved pop group. Well, at least if you look at it this one certain way.

Brooks just quietly sold his ten millionth copy of 2007’s greatest hits compilation The Ultimate Hits. That officially gives him seven such albums that have sold at least 10 million copies. In the business, those are called “diamond” albums. And Brooks is the only artist in the whole world with seven of them.

Before the milestone, Brooks and The Beatles were tied with six diamond albums a piece. Those include his first three albums and his 1997 release Sevens (which kind of has a whole new meaning now).

Of course, The Beatles have sold more records overall. That comes with the territory of having nearly 30 years on Garth’s career. So far, Brooks put out nine studio albums, one live album and four compilations. And all seven (!!!) of them went diamond. By comparison, The Beatles’ international discography includes 28 studio albums, six live albums and 54 compilation albums.

Plus, Brooks took that 10-year hiatus and refused to sell his albums on iTunes. That didn’t help. Not to mention the humongous decline in record sales in the first place, which makes his latest accomplishment that much bigger.

So congratulations, Garth. Soak it in. While that Chris Gaines album may never go diamond, your seven others should keep you satisfied.

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Garth Brooks is Officially Bigger Than the Beatles