Garth Brooks Gives Fans Behind the Scenes Access with ‘Inside Studio G’

Garth Brooks/Facebook

Garth Brooks is fully embracing social media, announcing a behind-the-scenes series called “Inside Studio G: A Monday Night Conversation.” The country megastar was famously shy about MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, rejecting the platforms until recently.

Now, Brooks says he wants to give fans a truly firsthand account of the process behind his new album. The “Inside Studio G” series uses the Facebook Live platform every Monday night, starting at 6:00 p.m. Each episode will last 10 to 15 minutes and allow for questions from viewers.

The inaugural episode is pretty cool, and you can check it out for yourself after the stream, even if you can’t tune in right on time.

In the episode, Garth shares the story of his studio Allentown, which he named in honor of longtime producer Allen Reynolds. He starts off in the living room, where he talks about the history of the studio and all the amazing musicians who have been in it.

Garth also shows off his M&M stash, which he calls them “Vitamin M’s,” if you need to feel better about eating them. He then takes viewers into the control room and talks more about the upcoming album and why he keeps Christmas lights up in the studio year-round.

He also shares the best advice he ever received and talks a bit about the new record. For starters, he anticipates listening to anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 songs for the new album.

For the first time ever, Brooks will let the cameras roll during some of the recording sessions. He intends on doing an episode every Monday night until the record is released. Brooks says he wants to “share the life you’ve given me right back with you.”

The series is obviously amazing for longtime Garth Brooks fans. But it’s also really cool for the casual musician. Seeing the recording process behind one of the world’s biggest musical legends is worth checking out.

There’s no news about the upcoming album’s release date just yet. But, for those who can’t wait, Brooks does have a Christmas album in the works.

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Garth Brooks Gives Fans Behind the Scenes Access with ‘Inside Studio G’