Garth Brooks Gives Incredible Retirement Gift to Dedicated Fan

San Diego arena worker Bob Brown had no idea what Garth Brooks had planned for him on his last day of work.

Brown had been working at the Valley View Casino Center, where Brooks played five straight sold-out shows over the weekend, for 40 years. During Brooks’ Nov. 7 show, the entertainer decided to mark Brown’s last day on the job in a way that the 64-year-old never expected.

After playing his classic song “Friends in Low Places”, Brooks stopped the show to introduce Brown to the crowd of 13,000 excited fans.

“You’re going to give your guts up when you find out who this guy is,” Brooks said to the crowd. “Please welcome to the stage Mr. Bob Brown!”

“I was in shock,” Brown told ABC10 of the moment he heard his name called. “My legs felt like jelly.”

Brooks went on to explain to the crowd how Brown had worked at the Arena’s box office for over 20 years and decided to give the new retiree a very special gift for the occasion. He unstrapped his guitar and signed it on stage, removed his hat and presented it to Brown.

“It hits you like a ton of bricks,” Brown explained. “For him to take off his hat as well, they said that was huge.”

The happy retiree says he plans to keep Brooks’ guitar displayed in his home to remind him of his long career and the incredible moment that brought it to a close.

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Garth Brooks Gives Incredible Retirement Gift to Dedicated Fan