2 Farmers Have Built the Most Epic Tribute to Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks is one of the most successful stars in country music.

Over the years, he has received many incredible awards and honors to mark his career accomplishments. Now, that has been taken to a whole other level.

Every year, the Govin family opens their farm to the public. And every year, they choose a new theme for their popular corn maze. This year, they decided to pay tribute to their favorite musical artist — None other than…Garth Brooks.

“The songs, the words he sings, he touches everybody,” farm owner Julie Govin said to the Journal Sentinel. “He’s singing from the heart all the time. His music has been very important in our lives.”

“(His song) ‘Unanswered Prayers’ hits home for me,” Julie’s husband, John Govin, said. “Since I’ve known Julie, I’ve known she was my unanswered prayer.”

In order to make their dream a reality, the Govins had to contact the star himself. Although the two were initially nervous, Brooks’ team was excited to help the Govins design their maze.

“They were very easy people to work with,” Julie said. “They gave us a couple of options of pictures we could use for the corn maze, and we designed it from that.”

The family has completed the maze just in time for the fall season and their impressive design has gained global attention. Brooks himself even shared a photo of the maze on Twitter (see below).

As a thank you, Brooks invited the Govins to his show in nearby Milwaukee late September. Julie and John won’t get to attend as they have to run their farm, but they hope Brooks makes a detour before the show to see the maze for himself.

If you feel like traveling to Menomonie, Wis., you can make your way through the maze for only $10.50. You can find out more about this unique tribute to Garth Brooks at the farm’s website.

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2 Farmers Have Built the Most Epic Tribute to Garth Brooks