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You Can Download Two of Garth Brooks' Hit Albums for Free Today

Country icon Garth Brooks is known for his charitable giving. Today, he's surprised fans with free downloads of his albums The Chase and In Pieces. Why? To celebrate their 25th anniversary, of course!

Brooks' album The Chase came out on Sept. 14, 1992. It features hit singles like "We Shall Be Free," "That Summer" and "Learning To Live Again." His fourth album, In Pieces, came out a year later. That record features mega-hits "Standing Outside The Fire," "Callin' Baton Rouge" and four other singles.

Combined, those records sold a whopping 17 million units in the United States alone.

He announced the decision via a video posted to his Facebook page. He also thank Amazon and Geico, who teamed up to offer the free download of the album for fans. You can get yours by going here.

In the video, Brooks also noted that even though the downloads are free, "the creators and everybody get paid." That's because Amazon and Geico essentially sponsored the celebration so the songwriters still get their money. "That's a wonderful gift," Brooks adds.

It's a pretty monumental change from Garth Brooks, who famously resisted not just streaming, but digital downloads altogether. One of his biggest concerns with digital music was creators not getting compensated fairly. And that makes sense for a guy who sold hundreds of millions of records during the heyday of CD sales.

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But hey, considering he wasn't even on social media until a few years ago, quite a bit has changed at Team Garth. Honestly, seeing Brooks announce a free download of two of his albums via Facebook is crazy. Nobody from 2008 would believe it. But hey, welcome to 2017.

Be sure to go download them today though, because from the sound of it, the offer won't last long.

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