Garth Brooks Finally Comes to Streaming, but Only on One Platform

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Arguably the last major holdout to join streaming music platforms, Garth Brooks just announced a new streaming deal. And the good news is you can stream Garth’s music immediately.

The bad news?

You might not subscribe to the platform Brooks partnered with. That’s because his music comes exclusively to Amazon Music Unlimited. What’s that? Well, you’re not the only person to ask. But essentially, it’s Amazon’s foray into the music streaming world.

Oh, you mean like the music you get with your Amazon Prime membership? Eh, no. Amazon Music Unlimited requires an additional subscription for Amazon Prime members. It’ll cost you an extra $7.99 per month. Or, if you don’t have Prime, you can get Amazon Music Unlimited by itself for $9.99 per month.

What’s the difference between Prime music and Music Unlimited? Well, millions of songs, for starters. Prime members only get access to about 2 million tracks. But Music Unlimited members get millions of tracks.

And of course, among those millions just happens to be select works from Garth Brooks’ catalog. That’s the other hitch. As of now, Brooks’ only available music to stream is his new single, “Baby, Let’s Lay Down And Dance,” greatest hits album The Ultimate Hits and live album Double Live. 

It’s a good primer, but not nearly as extensive as fans would hope. Then again, you can now buy downloads of Brooks’ catalog through Amazon as well. And Brooks says he plans to put more material on the platform in the future.

Since the advent of Spotify, music streaming quickly rose to the forefront of ways to consume music. Apple Music jumped in a few years ago, but only offered a payable option (Spotify since greatly reduced the features of its free option). Many speculated Garth Brooks would join Apple Music, which is known for its exclusives and more artist-friendly approach to streaming.

But, here we are, staring at the Amazon Music Unlimited page wondering if it’s worth another $8 to 10 subscription.

Meet Garth Brooks’ Biggest Fan:

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Garth Brooks Finally Comes to Streaming, but Only on One Platform