Garth Brooks’ Entire Catalog Comes to Streaming this Week

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Arguably the last megastar holdout on streaming, Garth Brooks joins the musical party this week. In what basically amounts to an early Christmas present for subscribers, Brooks’ whole catalog comes to streaming on Dec. 24.

Of course, the biggest catch is the platform. Garth Brooks signed an exclusive deal with Amazon, which means you only get access if you subscribe to Amazon Music. Note, too, that’s not the music streaming that comes with your Amazon Prime account. It’s an entirely new service for streaming music.

But for those lucky folks who haven’t signed up for a service yet, Amazon Music Unlimited is looking pretty good. All 16 of Brooks’ albums have their place on the streaming platform. That includes his newest release, Gunslinger.

The Garth Brooks deal also marks Amazon’s first artist exclusive. Apple Music had the jump on most exclusive artists coming to their platform. Those include legacy acts like The Beatles and current chart-toppers like Taylor Swift.

Amazon Music offers the widest array of plans for the streaming community. They start as low as $3.99 per month and go up to $149 per year. Plus, with their new gadgets Echo and Alexa, Amazon hopes the music streaming fits right in. Fans can basically just shout out a Garth Brooks song in their house and the device will start playing it. Not bad.

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Of course, those who still don’t quite “get” (or trust) robots playing music at your every whim can download Brooks’ catalog. Amazon will make his albums available for good old-fashioned downloading on Dec. 24 as well.

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Garth Brooks’ Entire Catalog Comes to Streaming this Week