Garth Brooks and His Band Pull off Epic 'Mannequin Challenge' at Concert

The Mannequin Challenge is sweeping social media right now, and everyone is getting in on the action, even country superstar Garth Brooks. A video of Brooks and his crew took the Mannequin Challenge to a whole new level by freezing on stage, mid-performance.

Starting backstage, fans first see a behind-the-scenes shot of the show, going on like normal. The camera then moves below the stage where fans see Brooks' frozen crew. On stage, the last chord is still playing but each musician has frozen, including Brooks who took a classic triumphant stance. 

This happened last night! #MannequinChallenge HA! love, g

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Brooks isn't the only celebrity to join the Mannequin Challenge, though his has been the most epic. Singer Adele and her group joined in on the fun at a bar, Paul McCartney froze in a simple pose at his piano, Ellen DeGeneres froze while playing a game of ping pong with the ball stuck mid-air heading toward her paddle (that's dedication!) and even Britney Spears participated, using the challenge to announce her winning Best Resident Performer in Las Vegas.

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Garth Brooks and His Band Pull off Epic 'Mannequin Challenge' at Concert