Hear Garth Brooks' Brand New Single, 'Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance'

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Garth Brooks has just released his first new single off his highly-anticipated 11th career studio album. "Baby, Let's Lay Down and Dance" is an upbeat, romantic track penned by Brooks and some of his closest friends and fellow songwriters earlier this year.

"'Baby, Let's Lay Down and Dance'" was just a fun title that Kent Blazy has had in his book of titles forever, always threatening to write it," Brooks says in a press release. "So, one day, Kim, Kent and I sat down and wrote it. We got a little help from Steve Dorff, and then Victoria Shaw finished it. In the middle of this, Kim Williams passed away. I've got to tell you, I love love love this song, but probably my greatest joy is the fact that this is a Kim Williams song. Not only did it make this record, it's the first single off this record."

Fans can currently only download the track through an access code printed inside specially-packaged Fritos corn chips bags. Noting Brooks' current stance on streaming platforms, this will probably be your only method of listening online for the foreseeable future. On Saturday, Oct. 15, Brooks will reveal the title of his upcoming album during the SEC Game of the Week on CBS. He'll then unveil the album's cover art the following Monday (Oct. 17) during his Facebook Live series, "Inside Studio G."

On Nov. 11, Brooks will release a new Christmas duets album with Trisha Yearwood. That same day, fans can purchase his new box set, The Ultimate Collection, which features nine discs of music from throughout Brooks' career.

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Hear Garth Brooks' Brand New Single, 'Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance'