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Garth Brooks to Share His Life Story in Five-Part Book Series


Garth Brooks doesn't do anything subtly, from his signature sound to his record-shattering world tours. Now you can add "being an author" to that list. Brooks just announced a five-part autobiography, with the first installment coming in November.

Dubbed The Anthology, the autobiography series also comes with five corresponding CDs. In total, fans will get to enjoy 52 songs, including 19 unreleased versions and demos. The first book, appropriately called The Anthology Part 1: The First Five Years comes out Nov. 14.

In it, Brooks promises "all the secrets, details, origins, true stories an insider would get." Of course, a big part of Brooks' return to superstardom is his behind-the-scenes looks at his daily life. He created a Facebook live series called "Inside Studio G." During those segments, he goes over everything from new music to visits to NASA.

But this is the first time Brooks is talking in-depth about his early years. Of course, tons of books about the country icon already line bookstore shelves. But reading it all from the man himself carries extra weight. Plus, the fact that it's a five-book series proves that he's got a lot to say.

Brooks also promises the backstory on some of his biggest songs, including "Friends In Low Places," "The Dance" and "The Thunder Rolls." That last one caused quite a stir in the music community, so getting Garth's view on the subject will be particularly interesting.

It's amazing he found time to author not one but five books, especially with his current work load. Brooks recently transitioned to independent artist after decided he didn't need a record label anymore. And he's right.

Brooks is currently still on his world tour, which is quickly approaching its fourth year. The whirlwind trek keeps breaking attendance and profit records. Most recently, he released his 2016 record called Gunslinger.


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