Man Finds Lost Wedding Ring in the One Place He Never Looked

When an 82-year-old German man was tending his garden, he came across a curious find. In terms of reaping what you sow, this quote has certainly never been truer.

Three years ago, the unnamed man was weeding his garden when he discovered his wedding ring was missing. He searched for it high and low, and never found it. Until he was harvesting his carrots.

Wrapped around an oddly-shaped carrot was gold glinting in the sun. His wedding ring sat proudly between the two halves of that carrot, with the vegetable having grown around it. The carrot grew through the ring and returned the wedding ring to the surface.

What's the oddest place you have found something you lost?

It seems that Mother Nature was looking out for this gentleman from the day he lost his ring until the day she returned it.

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