This Gaming App Delivers Cows to Their Top Players’ Doorsteps

Screengrab via YouTube

Most of us download gaming apps for the sheer pleasure of achieving a top score. One couple in Tunisia were shocked when their skills were rewarded with a delivery of a real life cow on their doorstep.

According to CNET, the mobile game Bagra (which is the Arabic word for “cow”) allows players to abduct other players’ cows with a beam from their alien ship. Whoever manages to wrangle the most livestock tops the app’s leaderboard and is in the running for an array of prizes, most of which are consumer electronics like computers.

This time around, game developer Digital Mania decided to take things to the next level by awarding one player with their very own cow named Pamela. The couple could take the cow either alive or butchered, but instead chose to have it delivered to their home. You can see footage of Pamela being welcomed to her new abode in the clip below.

Although this may seem like a one-time-event meant to stir publicity for the app, the devlopers say they are already offering another cow named Brigitte to whichever lucky gamer can top the scoreboard.

Think you have what it takes to claim their next cow? You can find out more about Bagra and it’s unique prizes here.

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This Gaming App Delivers Cows to Their Top Players’ Doorsteps