Funny $13 Oven Mitt Is a Must-Have in Southern Kitchens

Grandmas are one of a kind. They're funny, full of wisdom, and they are amazing chefs. It's well agreed-upon that there's nothing quite like grandma's home cooking.

From casseroles to cookies, grandmas are known to add a secret, loving touch to dishes that can't quite be duplicated. If your grandma has a sense of humor and is in need of new kitchen accessories, consider these eight funny oven mitts from Amazon.

Best Funny Oven Mitts

1. Ateny Funny Oven Mitt - Watch Me Whip Cute Housewarming Gift - A Hilarious Kitchen Gift for Women or Men

If your grandma is young, hip and always keeping up with the youngins, then this funny quilted oven mitt will be a hoot to open as a gift on Mother's Day or for her birthday.

2. Funny Heat Resistant Oven Mitt for Cooking Grilling BBQ - Novelty Gift for Those Who Love to Cook (Out of My Kitchen!)

Any grandma who has a potty mouth and is territorial over her kitchen space will appreciate this perfect novelty gift. These kitchen gloves make a bold statement for Grandma's bold personality.

3. Silicone Oven Mitts, Lobster Claws Pot Pinchers Potholders Holders Heat Resistant Silicone Pot Holders for Instant Pot Kitchen Potholder or Baking Holder Kitchen Design Red

For grandmas with eclectic style, these non-slip lobster pot pinchers make for a funny gift and can also handle any hot pot or plate.

4. Wit Gifts Oven Mitt & Pot Holder, Cake

This oven mitt is perfect for the grandma who has fresh cookies on the counter every time you visit. These oven mitts are machine washable, so they don't stand a chance against all of the flour, egg wash, and frosting.

5. Blue Q Oven Mitt, Bitch I Am the Secret Ingredient, Super-Insulated Quilting, Natural-Fitting Shape, 100% Cotton

These retro kitchen oven mitts are not only a best-seller, but they're a nod to Grandma's unmatched skills in the kitchen.

6. Funny Oven Mitt, Potholder, and Tea Towel Set - Perfect Housewarming Gift

This mitt set includes a dish towel, kitchen towel, and oven mitts so Grandma can be well equipped and ready for when she makes her famous casseroles. Preferably the one that is over 800 calories per slice.

7. Blue Q Oven Mitt, I've Got a Knife. Super-insulated quilting, comfy, natural-fitting shape, 100% cotton, 12.5"h x 7.5"w

These punny oven mitts are perfect for a feisty grandma who knows how to use a knife inside and outside the kitchen.

8. Twisted Wares Oven Mitt - Too Much Butter - Funny Pot Holder, Heat Resistant Glove - Black

The only thing that'll be melting with this heat resistance glove is all the butter granny uses for her world-famous buttermilk biscuits.

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