full worm moon
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Two Full Moons Will Light Up The Sky This Month

This month, we'll see two full moons light up the sky. As many people probably know, the second full moon of a month is typically referred to as a Blue Moon. But do you have any idea what the first full moon in March is called?

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, tonight's (March 1) celestial event is known as the Full Worm Moon. It was named by Native Americans who noticed that with this event, the ground began showing signs of earthworm castings once again. Robins and migratory birds start showing up to feast on the worms, signaling spring.

Some people refer to the Full Worm Moon as the Full Sap Moon since this is also the time of year that sap begins to flow out of the maple trees.

While March's moons may not be as visually exciting as the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse that took place at the end of January, it still promises to be a beautiful sight for those who are ready for spring!

Look out tonight at 7:51 PM (EST) to see the Full Worm Moon/Full Sap Moon shining brightly in the sky at its peak. The second full moon of the year will rise on March 31 and peak at 8:37 AM (EST).

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