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Heads Up: There's Another Frozen Veggies Recall Over Listeria

There is yet another frozen food recall we have to worry about. This one includes possible contamination of frozen mixed vegetables and peas.

According to the National Frozen Food Corp., this is a voluntary recall over possible Listeria contamination, but we should all err on the side of caution.

Frozen mixed veggies and peas that were packaged by Bountiful Harvest, First Street, Great Value, Live Smart, Market Pantry or Sprout between Sept. 2 and June 2 are the products you need to keep an eye out for.

Head to the FDA website for a complete list of products that have been recalled.

Listeria can be very dangerous for pregnant women, the elderly and young children. Symptoms of Listeria include fever, muscle pain, nausea and digestion issues. If the infection spreads throughout the body before it's caught, symptoms may turn more serious -- headache, confusion, loss of balance, a stiff neck and sometimes even convulsions. Listeria can be treated with antibiotics but can prove more dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn baby.

One more recall due to possible Listeria is Green Cuisine's pesto pasta salad with arugula, which is also supplied by National Frozen Food Corp. This specific item was sold between June 15-16 in Southern California, Nevada and Arizona at Whole Foods stores.

This isn't the first case of frozen veggies recalled over Listeria this year. CRF Frozen Foods issued a recall in May for 15 different products, including frozen peas, corn and vegetable medleys.

No illnesses from the recent recall have been reported at this time.

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Heads Up: There's Another Frozen Veggies Recall Over Listeria