Man Crates

From the Pit Master to the Hunter, Man Crates Has Gift Sets for the Men in Your Life

Not sure what to gift the men in your life this Christmas? Holiday shopping can hard, especially for the man who has everything! The solution? Gift them a Man Crate. Over at Man Crates, they know dudes can be hard to shop for. That's why they put together a gift boxes full of great gifts for each type of man in your life. Have an outdoorsy man you need to shop for? They've got you covered. What about the clean shaven guy? They have that, too. There's even a crate for the disc golf lover.

When you're wracking your brain over what to gift the men in your family this holiday season, skip the stress and check out these seven crates designed for the men in your life from a small business based in San Mateo, California. Clueless holiday shoppers, you're welcome.

1. Troutdoorsman Crate

Hook, line, and sinker, the trout fisher in your life will be reeled in by the Troutdoorsman Crate. Showing appreciation for the life of trout, this crate is geared towards equipping fishermen with the tools necessary to make the most delicious meal out of the catch of the day. For $99.99, this crate includes everything needed to prepare trout from the blade right down to the seasoning from the retail company. Isn't that so much better than a gift card?

When it comes time to fillet, the Kershaw fixed knife included in the crate is the tool meant for the job. The waterproof and slip-proof handle offers the prefect grip while the stainless steal blade allows for intricate trimming. Once the filet is ready, the fisherman can choose a recipe from the Avant-Garde Recipes for the Trout Enthusiast, season the fillet with the O'fish'ial Blend Trout Seasoning, and then use Grandpa's Grill Holder to achieve the perfectly cooked fish.

With a waterproof-lined canvas creel bag to carry all your bounty in along with your chum, the Troutdoorsman Crate has all the necessities your fisherman's tackle box is lacking.

2. Hunting Crate

For the hunter in your life, there's the Hunting Crate. Preparing for the unpredictable, this crate offers some overlooked amenities a hunter needs when stalking prey in the woods. For $120, your hunter will receive a Stanley Insulated Vacuum Bottle, Elk Ridge Skinner Knife, stormproof matches, Duke Cannon's Hunting Soap, camo face paint, and camo form wrap.

When your hunter is tracking elk in the cold of winter, they can remain undetected and unscented with the hunting soap, camo face paint, and camo form wrap. And while they're patiently waiting to cross paths with their prey, they can keep warm with some hot coffee thanks to the Stanley Insulated Vacuum Bottle that keeps beverages warm for up to 28 hours. Of course the man in question probably has an insulated bottle, but isn't always nice to replace the old with new ones?

Then, once they make the kill, they can use the Elk Ridge Skinner Knife that features a stainless gut hook blade, silicone grip ring, hard nylon sheath, fire starter, diamond honing file, and bottle opener, along with the stormproof matches to prepare their hard earned meal.

3. The Clean Shave Crate

A good, clean shave is a luxury most men don't allow themselves. If that's the case for the men in your family, gift them The Clean Shave Crate. Like sitting in a barber's chair, this crate comes equipped with all the tools necessary for a smooth, clean shave, minus all the anxiety of a stranger holding a blade by your face.

For $139.99, The Clean Shave Crate has all the barber tools needed to achieve a clean shave over and over again. Items in this gift set include a Silver Tip Badger Brush for lathering, a Parker Razor for a close shave, five Shark Chrome replacement blades, and of course, a shave towel.

For the face buffer, there's the Imperial Pre-Shave Oil, glycerine face soap, and some good old after shave so you can re-enact a Home Alone moment. So whether the grizzly man in your life needs a good shave, the GQ man in your life needs some pampering, the Clean Shave Crate is the gift every man can use.

4. Whiskey and Woodworking Crate

The Whiskey and Woodworking Crate is perfect for the carpentry enthusiastic man in your life. Founded by Nick Offerman, or Ron Swanson as some may know him, this $149.99 crate combines the perfect pairing of whiskey and woodworking. To get your woodworker started, this crate includes Offerman's newest woodworking book Good Clean Fun.

After reading the book to gain inspiration, your woodworking man can adorn himself in the Offerman Woodshop Denim Apron that has built-in pockets for the beech mallet and wooden chisel included in the crate. Once the masterpiece is complete, the woodworker and gifter can toast to his accomplishments with two whiskey glasses and coasters. While no whiskey is included, you may want to pick one of these fine bottles of bourbon.

5. Pit Master Crate

Considering itself the "Mr. Miyagi of barbecue gear", the Pit Master Crate is the pit lover's guide to becoming the ultimate pit master. Once your future pit master to be has the backyard pit all set up, they'll need some tools to guide them on their way. That's where the Pit Master Crate comes in. For $119.99, you can gift this crate that has all the pit essentials.

When they're ready to roast the whole hog, they'll be happy to have this crate's stainless steel meat claws, premium leather gloves, space-saving collapsible grill fork, basting brush, four different wood chip varieties, and cast iron sauce pot. Of course to make "sauce like a boss," the crate has you covered.

With the Honey Sweet and Touch of Heat Sauce, along with the meat rub, you're meat will not only be perfectly seasoned, but have the sweet and spicy sauce it needs for pairing. Then with a few tips from Pitmaster Aaron Franklin, you'll be perfecting your meat in no time.

6. The Bacon Crate

If you truly love the man in your life, say it with bacon - unless he's vegan, that's just mean. The Bacon Crate comes filled to the brim with a bacon lover's pork filled fantasy. Included in this holiday gift set is Jeff's Jerky Honey Jalapeno Bacon, Jeff's Jerky Maple Bacon, bacon popcorn, bourbon bacon seasoning grinder, and Terraping Ridge Farms Hot Pepper Bacon Jam. And for dessert? Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle.

For $59.99, the bacon lover in your family can happily gorge themselves on bacon all day long. If that's not enough love, you can add on the Booze-Infused Jerkygram. With four packs of jerky marinated in booze, you'll have one happy pig lover in the family.

7. Disc Golf Crate

If the man in your family prefers a beer to go along with their recreational activities, then this is the gift crate for them. The Disc Golf Crate has everything your fellow needs to get started playing an 18-tee course, for only $74.99.

To begin their disc throwing adventures, the crate comes with an MVP cell starter bag has room to hold up to 12 discs, so the disc golfer has a free hand for their brew. And while your veteran disc golfer may geek out over their putters, mids, and long distance drivers, the beginner only needs a couple discs to start. This crate includes an MVP Tesla Proton Distance Driver to try and sink a hole-in-one, and an MVP Electron Atom Putter when they finally fish the driver out of the bushes and get closer to the basket.

Along with a Matte Black Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Beverage Holder to hide a beer can and a bag of sunflower seeds, because well, sunflower seeds, your disc golf enthusiast is ready to hit the green. Or course. Or really whatever plot of land they managed to hide disc golf baskets on.

And if you really want to say I love you with any of these crates, say it with the Salami Bouquet. Now that's true love.

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