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Chris Stapleton’s ‘From A Room: Volume 2’: Essential Track-By-Track Guide

Country music megastar Chris Stapleton will be releasing his third solo album, From A Room: Volume 2 this Friday, Dec. 1. The nine-track album is the second half of Stapleton’s larger From A Room project, an homage to RCA’s Studio A, where Stapleton and longtime collaborator Dave Cobb have recorded Volume 1, as well as Stapleton’s debut, Traveller.

While certainly an homage to classic country, rootsy blues and southern rock, From A Room isn’t just recycled commentary and the reshuffling of the deck by Stapleton and company. It’s Stapleton diving further into the American songbook. He delivers radio-friendly anthems that are felt by casual and die-hard fans alike. In several ways, Volume 2 isn’t just a sequel. At times, it’s a broken mirror that reflects the same story, but from a different point of view or vantage point.

Stapleton’s songbook revolves heavily around simple, easily digested storytelling, relatable parables and a boundless list of collaborating songwriters. Here’s how the tracks of From A Room: Volume 2 relate to Stapleton’s catalog of music.

1. “Millionaire”

2. “Hard Livin'”

3. “Scarecrow In The Garden”

4. “Nobody’s Lonely Tonight”

5. “Tryin’ To Untangle My Mind”

6. “A Simple Song”

7. “Midnight Train To Memphis”

8. “Drunkard’s Prayer”

9. “Friendship”

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