The Friendship Between This Unlikely Group of Animals Is Too Cute For Words

You can find abundant content on unlikely animal friendships all over the web. Sometimes pets just seem to ignore the normal rules of the animal kingdom and decide to follow their hearts instead. When these odd relationships occur, they always supply adorable photo opportunities that can bring a smile to your face almost instantly.

If you’re looking for something to brighten up your day, look no further than the Instagram account of Bob the Golden Retriever.

Bob is a pretty cool dog in his own right. His account follows daily adventures through toy stores, amusement parks and more. Still, the “cute factor” gets turned up to an unhealthy level when he hangs out with his best friends at home.

Yep, you’re seeing what you think you are.

Bob’s friend group is compromised of four parakeets, two finches, two cockatoos and a hamster. While they make up an unlikely looking squad, each member knows how to enjoy one another’s company. Spoiler alert: Cuddling is involved.

Honestly, can you handle how cute this is? It’s almost unbearable.

I’m not sure if any other nap time has reached this level of intense cuteness.

Bob knows how to really hit it out of the ballpark.

Dinnertime is always a party when the squad is all together.

Honestly though, these guys are at their best when doing absolutely nothing. It’s hard work being this adorable; so their long naps are definitely well-earned.

To see more of these ridiculously cute photos, visit Bob the Golden Retriever’s Instagram.

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The Friendship Between This Unlikely Group of Animals Is Too Cute For Words