This Southern Capitol Named Friendliest City in the U.S.

Travel + Leisure Magazine has released their list of the friendliest cities in the U.S., and Nashville, Tenn. ranks No. 1.

Travel + Leisure polled people 38 major U.S. cities with populations over 100,000 people. Participants took into account dining, locals, culture, style and more. The Music City got the highest marks.

Anyone who has ever been there would probably agree. The city’s atmosphere is truly unique, and you can’t deny that Southern charm. It’s pretty hard not to have a wonderful time in Nashville with all of the music, bars, museums and food options.

Salt Lake City, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Kansas City and Oklahoma City follow Nashville in the friendliest city category.

The results also revealed the cities people thought were the rudest. According to the votes, Miami and New York City have the least friendly locals. So, maybe you should try to seem like a local while you’re visiting these places.

This isn’t the first southern city to gain recognition this month, though. Travel + Leisure just named Charleston, SC the best city in the world for its landmarks, culture, people, cuisine and shopping.

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