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This Video of Fried Whole Chicken in Snow is Strangely Fascinating


Outdoor cooking can seem complicated. You have to drag all your supplies outside, you inevitably forget something or lose something, it's hard to get the temperatures exact, and personally, I always end up dropping something in the dirt. The guys at Almazan Kitchen don't have those issues though. They make primitive cooking in the Serbian wilderness look easy, and they do it with the help of their owl, Mr. Ramsay.

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Alex Almazan and his uncle Boki are the chefs behind Almazan Kitchen, seeks to get back to the roots of how humans have eaten for millennia. The concept is simple, but the execution is downright impressive.

"We look for the food we have been eating as a species long enough so that it has formed us and our taste at the genetic level during the evolution," they state on their website.

The men cook with rudimentary tools, using a good knife, mortar and pestle, rocks, and fire. If you think that makes the recipes boring or bland though, you'd be wrong.

To make the whole fried chicken they dig up some horseradish from underground, cut a raw chicken in half and use a mortar and pestle to blend together a green chili, some ginger, curry, paprika and lime juice to make a rub.

Next, they dig up some nice flat rocks from the riverbed to create a cooking surface on their outdoor fire.

They fill a frying pan with oil, the horseradish from earlier, onions and garlic, and then drop in the prepared chicken, covering it with another rock. The whole process is involved, but creates a meal that looks fit for any fine restaurant.

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This Video of Fried Whole Chicken in Snow is Strangely Fascinating