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Why Fried Twinkies Are a Fair Favorite Snack Food

If you've ever been to a state fair, you've probably seen all sorts of foods fried to a perfect, crispy, golden brown color after being fried in hot oil, then sprinkled with delicious powdered sugar that you know is no good for you. Deep-fried Twinkies have probably shown up in a deep fryer or two at your local fair, along with just about every other snack you can deep fry. Have you ever tried these fried food treats?

What Are Fried Twinkies?

Fried Twinkies are basically what they sound like. They're Hostess Twinkies covered in some sort of fried coating. Some fried Twinkies recipes call for ingredients like flour, vinegar, baking powder, a cup milk or water, and salt. Others just suggest dipping them in funnel cake batter, pancake mix, or a cup flour, then deep frying in vegetable oil, sometimes after sticking a popsicle stick in the Twinkies to make them easier to handle.


Once they're fried up, you place the yummy fried Twinkies on paper towels to cool before serving. The fried desserts can also be served with a dipping sauce like a berry sauce or raspberry preserves.

What Else Can You Fry?

What treats can't you fry, honestly? Fairs often have other deep-fried snacks like deep-fried cheesecake, deep-fried brownies, deep-fried Oreos, Snickers, sponge cake, and so many other delicious choices. There are also corndogs, though those are more of a meal than a dessert, really.

If you can get it at the fair, chances are you can make that same fried snack at home, too. You'll just need things like a teaspoon salt, some flour, and a little bit of prep time to fry up these treats in your deep fryer. Refrigerate the wet ingredients and keep frying throughout the week. We won't tell.

We're definitely ready to run out and get some fair food now! What's your favorite fair food treat?

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