These Free-Range Chickens Look Like They’re Loving Life

Screengrab via YouTube

It doesn't get much happier than this bunch of free-range chickens rushing outside to frolic in the New Zealand countryside. Upon the morning sun rising, these hens at Otaika Valley Farms are given the chance to wander in open pastures while enjoying fresh air and sunshine.

So, what exactly does it mean when you see the "free-range" label on a carton of eggs in the grocery store? It means that the eggs come from chickens, like the ones in this video, that get to spend a portion of their day roaming freely outside. Factory farm chickens, on the other hand, are confined for the majority of their lives.

After seeing these chickens happily grazing in their open pasture and thinking about the alternative life that many caged animals live, you may look extra hard for the "free-range" label next time you're in the grocery store. After all, happy chickens equal healthy chickens, and healthy chickens produce great eggs.

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These Free-Range Chickens Look Like They’re Loving Life