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Chobani Is Giving Away Free Yogurt for 10th Anniversary

Can you remember the first time you had Greek yogurt? Chances are, you probably picked up a Chobani the first time you considered buying into the trend that has proven to be more than a trend. About 10 years ago, everyone was excited about Greek yogurt, and about two years later, they were ready to usher in the next trend. However, Chobani knew that it had become a staple in many Americans' diets and grocery shopping trips so the brand prevailed and continues to create new flavors and variations on their original Greek yogurt.

Now for their 10th anniversary, the best-selling Greek yogurt maker is offering free yogurt to every single person out there, whether you're a longtime fan or you've still never tried the stuff. After all, what better time to try something than when it's free? Here's what you need to do.

How to Get Free Chobani Yogurt

To take advantage of this great deal, simply head on over to to access the coupon. It's good for 1 free Chobani Greek Yogurt, Flip, Drink, or Chobani Smooth 2-Packs. There is a limit to one coupon per customer and purchase. The coupon you're issued is based on your provided zip code.

Again, the participating products: Flip® 5.3oz yogurt snacks, Chobani® 5.3oz Greek Yogurt, Chobani® 10oz drinks and Chobani® Smooth 2-packs (2-5.3oz). The deal runs for a limited time, from February 12, 2018 through March 4, 2018.

When it comes to grocery deals, there's nothing better than a free coupon. Unfortunately, if you live in New Jersey or Louisiana, this free offer is void because Chobani is not allowed to offer a free dairy product, only a "cents off" coupon. However, participants living in those states are entitled to $.50 off the participating products listed above.

The coupon must be printed to be valid, and each coupon has a unique trackable number. When you submit your email address, it will arrive with that tracking number. So head on over to Target, Walmart, or wherever you do your grocery shopping with this coupon in hand. The only hard part is deciding what flavor you'll grab, from Cherry to Apple Cinnamon. How much do you love Chobani?

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