Frank's RedHot Bloody Mary

Frank's RedHot Bloody Mary is Brunch in a Can

Sunday brunch means three things: mountains of breakfast food, hanging out with friends, and drinking copious amounts of bloody mary cocktails and mimosas. While mimosas are pretty hard to mess up (champagne with a splash of OJ), Bloody Mary mixes can range from mild to spicy with every garnish under the sun. I've tried making my own bloody mary recipe mix at home, and while it was good, it was very time-consuming. So I looked to mixes, and get this, Frank's RedHot has its very own canned bloody mary drink. All you need to enjoy Frank's RedHot bloody mary is a koozie. Just picture taking these camping and enjoying a perfect bloody mary beside the crackling breakfast fire.

What is Frank's RedHot Bloody Mary?

According to the Frank's website, "It all started one day grilling in the back yard when a good friend served up Bloody Mary's made with Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce. The combination of flavor and heat was love at first taste!"

The malt beverage features a 5.5% ABV, making it smooth and easy to drink whether you are on the beach or at the park with friends. Made with natural ingredients and natural flavors, all you need is to pick out your garnish.

The best way to enjoy Frank's RedHot Bloody Mary is to shake the bottle to incorporate all the ingredients then pour it into a pint glass before topping with a lime wedge and a celery stick, according to the website. The cans are medium-heat, so if you like your beverages extra hot, make sure to pour in a little extra Frank's RedHot to boost the heat index.

Where to Find Canned Bloody Mary

People have been spotting the four-packs at Walmart as well as smaller convenience stores.

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