Hear George Strait Team up with Frank Sinatra for 'Fly Me to the Moon'

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You'd be hard pressed to find anyone in country music more respected and beloved than George Strait. You'd also be just as hard pressed to find anyone more beloved in all of music as Frank Sinatra.

So if you were to put the two together, then you'd have a can't miss tune. Well as it turns out, the two did get together for Sinatra's album Duets II back in 1994.

The album was primarily a collection of Sinatra and famous singers from other genres, like Strait. The album also featured other country artists like Lorrie Morgan, Jimmy Buffett, and Willie Nelson. Sinatra would record his parts separately from whoever was singing on the duet, and an engineer would piece them together. The songs would end up sounding as if the two singers recorded the whole thing together.

Unfortunately, Strait's duet of "Fly Me To the Moon" with "Ol' Blue Eyes," didn't make the cut. It turned out Sinatra never even told Strait about the change, and Strait had to find out on his own.

Luckily, I think its safe to say Strait ended up doing pretty well on his own without the record. Strait ended up adding the duet to his box-set Strait Out of the Box, which came out in 1995. The collection still remains the best selling box set in country music history.

Strait recently released Strait Out the Box: Part Two, which features two brand new songs. It includes the hard-hitting "Kicked Outta Country," co-written by Strait and Jamey Johnson, and "You Gotta Go Through Hell," penned by Strait, his son Bubba and Dean Dillon.

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Hear George Strait Team up with Frank Sinatra for 'Fly Me to the Moon'