Meghan Linsey Snubbed by Friend Blake Shelton on The Voice

Blake Shelton has appeared on every season of The Voice since its inception. For the second time in eight seasons, he did not hit his buzzer for a friend.

On the season premiere of The Voice, Lindsey sang the classic Nazareth song,“Love Hurts,” and impressed at least three of the judges by the end of the song. Adam Levine, Pharrell, and Christina Aguilera hit their buzzers at the same time, as the song came to an end.

Blake Shelton didn’t make up his mind about her performance until it was too late. Levine ribbed Shelton about not turning around for his friend, but Shelton replied he stands by his decision.

Linsey isn’t just a friend, she’s one of Shelton’s former touring partners. Steel Magnolia opened for him on his 2011 tour. “Meg and I sang on stage together,” said Shelton. “She’s one of the best singers I’ve heard in my life.”

The other three judges really wanted her on their teams, so she faced a tough decision in the end. Pharrell, however, compared Linsey to Janis Joplin, which sealed the deal for her. She’s officially on Team Pharrell and will be one to watch closely this season.

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Meghan Linsey Snubbed by Friend Blake Shelton on The Voice