Forget Vodka, This Nightclub Is Selling $1,000 Steaks Tomahawks In Gold Brief Cases
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Forget Vodka, This Nightclub Is Selling $1,000 Tomahawk Steaks In Gold Brief Cases: See Video

I'm sure you've had steak, but you've probably never had steak like this. This Las Vegas nightclub is selling $1,000 tomahawk steaks in a gold briefcase. It definitely gets an A plus for presentation.

One person wrote on social media, sharing a video, "It's a nightclub serving steaks instead of vodka. No steak is worth $1k and no bottle of vodka is worth $450. But I did have a blast! We saw at least 10 other tables get this while we were there." Just look at that showmanship below. The whole crowd is engaged, and the case looks like something like Pulp Fiction.

If you're interested in trying the steak yourself then head to the Papi Steak at Fontainebleau in Las Vegas. It's as opulent as anything else in Sin City. the bar stocks itself with top-shelf liquor. We're talking four-figure bottles of Louis XIII, according to Eater. However, there's nothing quite like the Papi Steak's signature food item. I'm talking about the Beef Case of course.

Tomahawk Steaks For A Price

So how did the food item come about? Well according to David "Papi" Einhorn, a friend gave him a bejeweled briefcase with the place's logo. Einhorn wracked his brain trying to figure out what to do with the brief case. Then a meat vendor introduced him to the very expensive Australian wagyu. That's when he had his eureka moment.

"It was the best steak I ever had," said Einhorn. "But I was like 'How the f—k am I going to sell it?'" Einhorn said he was inspired by Pulp Fiction for the Beef Case. He said,"They never show what's in the case [in the movie]. So I was like, 'Oh, [what if] it's a Papi steak all along.'" Everytime someone orders the case, all the lights go down and it becomes a party. The servers dance around the table, brand the wagyu, and then cook it.

"If I do a little show, people can swallow the price," said Einhorn. "I have to sell it for $1,000 or else I'm losing money." But what do potential customers think?

One person commented, "I wonder...the people who order this, do they care more about the steak, or the Insta post? I suspect it's the latter." One wrote, "Can't I just get a properly cooked steak" and another wrote, "This is insane. But if I were fabulously wealthy I'd order it."

Yet another wrote, "Wow this actually sells... how did it taste I wonder." One person is asking the real question, "Can I pay an extra $100 to skip the presentation?"