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Video Premiere: Fordie Hays Tries to Drown the Heartache in 'More in This Glass'

Mississippi-native artist Fordie Hays drowns his sorrows in the country heartbreaker "More in This Glass."

"There's more in this glass than what I'm drinking/ More than that song the band is playing,"  Hays sings. "Hurts a little more than what I'm lettin' on/ More to it than just 'she's gone'/ It may look like I'm playing it cool/ But there's less of a man on this barstool/ More to the story than what you're thinking/ More in this glass than what I'm drinking." 

Hays, who spent the early years of his career splitting his time between playing Nashville gigs and doing manual labor on an oil rig, says he's proud to showcase the song's story in a new music video, which Wide Open Country is premiering today. The video co-stars country singer-songwriter Karen Waldrup, who released her album Justified in 2018.

"More in This Glass" is one of those, you can sit back and close your eyes and you feel like you're there in the song," Hays tells Wide Open Country. "Having the opportunity to create such a special video that shows the story of the song was really great. I was so happy to have my dear friend Karen Waldrup in the video, she is such a talented artist!"

Watch the video premiere of "More in This Glass" below.

Hays previously released "Life in the Slow Lane" and "There's Gonna Be a Fight" featuring American Idol alumni Skyler Laine.

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