Forbes Just Named this City the Best in Texas

If only one thing is true about the state of Texas, it's that there are plenty of fantastic cities to both visit and call home. Residents in cities like Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio all seem pretty content with life. However, per a recent Forbes article written by Scott Beyer, one city stands tall above the rest as the best city in Texas. And that city is none other than San Antonio.

To make this decision, Beyer relied on his own personal experiences within the cities. He also spent time interviewing Texas residents to hear what they liked and disliked about each locale. Surprisingly, he found that many residents of other cities often call each other some negative names.

However, almost everyone had only positive things to say when asked about San Antonio. Beyer believes this is in part the case is because of the natural feel of the city. It still has that small town feel that many people have come to love, and there aren't as many giant skyscrapers shooting up into the sky like in Dallas and other large cities.

Instead of suffocating on lots of smog from an endless amount of traffic, residents of San Antonio also enjoy spending time outdoors. Beyer notes the city's River Walk as one of the best attractions in the state, and calls it a "charming public space" that residents and visitors alike can enjoy.

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Forbes Just Named this City the Best in Texas