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This Foot Exfoliator is the Key to Unlimited Foot Massages from Your Significant Other

Dry, cracked feet are inevitable for many during the wintertime. Some people can put lotion on their feet the second they get out of the shower and still end up having dry feet within a few hours. If your feet have a hard time sealing in moisture, it may be time for a foot exfoliator.

Pedicures can be expensive exfoliation methods, and pumice stones aren't exactly the best route either. Stop trying to hydrate dead skin. It's time to get that layer of cracked heels off your feet! Amazon customers swear by this $25 foot exfoliator. Let's see what the hype is all about.

Baby Foot - Original Exfoliant Foot Peel - 2.4 Fl. Oz. Lavender Scented Pair

If you want soft feet, Baby Foot may the answer to all of your foot care problems. Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel is made from 16 natural botanicals, making it a simple but effective treatment.

Baby Foot's instructions are easy to follow. Remove all nail polish from your feet and soak them in warm water for at least 20 minutes before using the mask. After you have completed a soak, it's time to put the booties on.

The booties will stay on your feet for at least an hour. (Yes, you can still walk around with them on. Just wear socks over them.) After an hour, you'll need to wash your feet. In about 4-7 days, you will notice that your feet are peeling.

Do not worry! When this happens, you should be rejoicing. This means your feet are shedding calluses and dry skin. (I know, a bit ick, but hey, that's just part of exfoliating.) Two weeks after the mask, you should have smooth, soft feet.

If you didn't maintain a strict skincare routine in your youth, you might be noticing how dry your skin is these days. End the painful and tedious scrubbing today, and just start with a clean slate for your feet.

Customers are saying nothing but good things about the foot exfoliator.

The before-and-after pictures may be a bit gross for some, but I'm happy to see that it works! I have never seen results this fantastic with a foot scrub or foot cream.

I don't know about you, but once winter comes around, I love putting my cold feet on whoever I'm snuggling up with. (I'm so mean like that!) I can admit, I probably shouldn't do it on occasions where my feet may feel like sandpaper.

A foot mask is on my to-do list this spring. Open-toe shoe season is here, and I can't wait to have smooth feet all summer long, and of course, into the wintertime!

Removing dead skin cells can be an expensive procedure at medical spas or nail salons, but this is a budget-friendly solution. Kiss your foot file and awful moisturizer goodbye, because Baby Foot is here to well, leave your feet feeling baby soft.

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