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12 Last Minute Foodie Halloween Costumes

Let's be real...the best Halloween costumes are food-themed. There's simply nothing cuter than food costumes, whether it's kids, adults, or even group costumes. Whether you prefer to trick-or-treat or head to a Halloween party, you need to look fabulous. If you're looking to switch it up from your typical Disney costumes, food Halloween costumes are a real treat. These costumes are perfect for those last-minute planners who need something quick and easy. We've gathered up the best food Halloween costume ideas for the big night.

12 of the Best Food Halloween Costumes

1. Doughnut

Is there anything sweeter than a life-size sprinkle donut? Studio DIY shares how to make this easy costume using an inflatable pool inner tube.

Check it out here

2. Sriracha Bottle

Looking to bring a little spice to your next costume party? This unisex costume is perfect when you're short on time. You can buy the shirt on Amazon and DIY a green lid out of foam.

3. Pineapple

If you need a last-minute fruit costume, a pineapple costume is cute, fun, and festive. Simply wear a yellow dress or yellow t-shirt and pants. Studio DIY supplies the free pineapple hat template.

Get the template here

4. S'mores

Your furry friend can't be left out of all the Halloween fun. This super simple DIY will make your fur baby the hit of the neighborhood.

Check it out here

5. Hot Dog

Need a food Halloween costume that doubles as a funny costume? Try dressing up as a classic hotdog. You can purchase this one-piece hot dog costume decorated with a stripe of mustard—the only way a hotdog should be eaten.

6. Taco



This funky and realistic taco costume will get people taco 'bout you all night. You could even add some taco costume accessories like chips and guac to be a crowd-pleaser.

7. Banana

If you've ever seen someone slip on a banana peel, you know how funny it is. Get the same joy dressing up in a banana costume. Letting people slip on you is optional.

8. Cheeseburger and French Fries

Need a great couples costume? A burger and fries are a match made in heaven like you and your special someone. You can purchase the burger costume and fries as a costume set for only $30.

9. PB and J

A peanut butter and jelly costume is perfect for couples or best friends. You can dress as the sandwich, or rep your favorite peanut butter and jelly brands.

10. Avocado

This versatile avocado costume works great for adults, kids, and pregnant women. Pregnant women can DIY this by creating a green avocado out of paint and foam. Your baby bump doubles as the pit, by wearing a brown shirt. You can purchase the toddler costume to match or be worn on its own.

Find the DIY here and Toddler Costume here

11. Condiments

If you need a solo costume or group outfit, condiments are the way to go. Ketchup is an American classic that everyone knows and loves. This adult costume is part homemade part store-bought, making it super easy to pull off.

12. Corn on the Cob

A corn costume is adorable for infants who can't walk yet. This outfit even allows their feet to be tucked in to stay warm. They are bundled just like a real corn cob. It comes with a corn headband to complete the look.

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