The 20 Best Food Costumes You Can Be for Halloween This Year

Every year, we see a flurry of new Halloween costumes. Some are hilarious, others are sweet, and the rest are just plain silly. Nothing gets better, however, than seeing the new food costumes that come out each year, whether it's a bottle of Sriracha or a classic food combination like peanut butter and jelly. Need some costume ideas for this year? You got it.

The best part about most food costumes is that you can reuse them from Halloween to Halloween with lots of great jokes. Were you a jar of moonshine last year? This year, you're just a better infused version since, as we always say, the longer it sits, the better it gets. Another benefit of food costumes is that it doesn't matter what gender wears it, these food halloween costume outfits are unisex and often one-size.

Without further ado, here are the food costumes we're obsessed with this year. Enjoy.

1. The Peanut Butter and Jelly

Everyone already knows you and your honey are going strong, so take it to the next level and consider yourselves timeless with this Peanut Butter and Jelly couples costume.

2. The Fun Dip

How many Dad jokes can one person make wearing this costume? We're not sure, but please let us know how many you come up with!

3. The Carrot

Why be an apple when you can be a carrot? The green stem is a nice touch.

4. The Beer Mug

Who says you can't be a cold frosty mug of beer while wearing one, too?

5. BAE: Bacon and Eggs

Whether you're the bacon or the egg costume with your sweetheart, this is one adult costume set that even works just as well on its own as it does with its pair. Breakfast foods make funny costumes, that's for sure.

6. The M&M's

This M&M's costume is perfect for group costumes because it features four different M&M's. Sure, the green is featured here, but wouldn't you like to be a blue, yellow, or red M&M, instead?

The poncho set comes with gloves, so all you have to do is pick out your top and bottoms and hit the town.

7. The Taco

The timeless taco costume is the unofficial favorite of Texans everywhere.

8. The Hot Dog

This isn't your first Halloween. Everyone knows and loves a good ol' hot dog costume. Embrace your inner Oscar Meyer wiener.

9. The Pineapple

What if you didn't have to really wear a costume so much as a onesie? This zip-up pineapple costume is like a Snuggie designed for Halloween. Stay cute and comfortable all night.

10. The Cookies + Milk Pair

Whether you claim the cookie or the milk costume for yourself, this couple set is such an easy Halloween score, it'd be delightful to see at a Halloween party or while you take the kids out trick-or-treating.

11. The Pickle

Pickles are so on-trend right now: Their health benefits are raved about, pickle vodka is making boozy waves, and you can even buy gallons of pickle juice online. So not only will you be on trend, your costume will be kind of a big dill.

12. The Pringles

The rule is that if you are a can of Pringles, you must bring extra Pringles for snacks. We don't make the rules.

13. The Coca-Cola

Channel your inner Coca-Cola fan and attend Halloween this year (and the next 10) as the iconic glass bottle.

Want to go even farther? Bring a package of peanuts, and be our favorite Southern tradition: peanuts in Coca-Cola.

14. The Sriracha

The dress reads Chickracha. You love Sriracha. Meet the perfect costume match.

15. The Grade-A Steak

Let everyone know you're a person of quality with this meat-eater costume that even comes with a Grade A rating. This is one piece of meat we don't mind being.

16. The Whiskey Bottle

While you might not get passed around for a taste in this Outlaw Whiskey costume, consider strapping a GoPro to your chest and be a whiskey cam.

Brush up on the differences between spirits just in case.

17. The Bottle of Rum

Turn your bottle of rum costume into a real Jack Sparrow get-up by spouting off the health benefits of drinking rum.

18. The Couch Potato

Let art imitate life with this Couch Potato costume that even comes with the biggest remote you've seen since the 1980s.

19. The Bazooka Gum

Remember when gum cost 5 cents? Relive the glory days with this Bazooka costume. Just be sure not to swallow your gum.

20. The Wine and Cheese

Does your loved one whine more than you? That person has to wear the wine costume, and you in the cheese can gently poke 'em when they start complaining all night.

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