10 of Our Favorite Food Commercials Ever

Whether they aired during the Super Bowl or another event, whether it was an ad for a fast-food restaurant or other advertisers, we all have our favorite food commercials. We decided to take a look back at some of our favorites and compiled this short list. Do you agree, or do you have a food ad you prefer that isn't here?

1. Michael Jackson's Pepsi Generation

This Pepsi ad to the tune of "Billie Jean" is definitely a hit with us.

2. Betty White Snickers 2010

Can you believe this Super Bowl ad aired over ten years ago? It doesn't seem like it's been that long because it's so darn iconic!

3. Wasssuppp?! Budweiser

As annoying as this catchphrase is, you have to admit, it's definitely a standout in food advertising, specifically in drink/beer ads.

4. McDonald's Showdown Between Larry Bird and Michael Jordan

This one is easily one of the most memorable ads from a fast-food company. Two legendary basketball players in one ad...iconic.

5. Where's Herb?

"Herb the Nerd" was a fictional Burger King character created as part of an ad for the Whopper," and the fast-food commercials "called on fans to visit Burger King, find Herb, and win a cash prize," according to Thrillist. Fun fact: the actor really did visit Burger King locations!

6. Where's the Beef?

Who can forget the legendary Wendy's "Where's the Beef" campaign? It's from 1984, but people still jokingly quote that line to this day.

7. KFC's Two Colonel Sanders Ad

We just like that two different Colonel Sanders versions appeared in this Kentucky Fried Chicken Super Bowl commercial in 2017!

8. Oscar Meyer 1973

You know the jingle: "My bologna has a first name..." This is another one we are adding to the list because it perseveres even now.

9. Mean Joe Greene Coke Commercial

This is easily one of the most famous Coca-Cola ads of all time, so we think it belongs on this list.

10. Mentos, the Freshmaker

Another jingle we will never be able to get out of our heads. Does Mentos count as food? We say it does, and it rounds out our list for being so freaking catchy.

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