Folds of Honor
Screengrab via YouTube

'Star Wars' Actor Adam Driver Gives an Amazing Gift to This Military Family

Budweiser and nonprofit organization Folds of Honor teamed up with Marine Corps Veteran and Star Wars actor Adam Driver to give one deserving college student a life-changing gift.

Hayley Grace Williams is currently in nursing school and her father, John Williams, is an Army veteran. He was severely injured during training. Soon after, his unit was deployed to fight in Desert Storm, leaving him at home and filled with guilt. On top of that guilt, he still suffers from severe pain, which inhibits his ability to hold a full-time job. Without a job, he's unable to help pay for his daughter's education. She's in her final year, which she's estimating will cost over $40,000.

After reading her application letter to Folds of Honor, Driver visits the Williams home to share some good news.

Driver surprises Hayley with the news that organization has awarded Hayley a huge scholarship. But that's not all. Budweiser also stepped in to cover any remaining school costs. There's a humbling sense of relief that takes over when the Williams family hears the news. The worry is gone. Even Driver can't help but be moved.

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