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General Mills Expands Massive Flour and Cake Mix Recall

General Mills

It seems like there has been a never-ending stream of food recalls this summer. From Purdue chicken nuggets to multiple brands of frozen veggies, and the General Mills recall earlier this year. Now, General Mills is expanding its flour and cake mix recall after more confirmed cases of E. Coli.

General Mills’ initial recall included nearly 10 million pounds of flour and cake mixes. Now, more varieties of Gold Medal, Signature and Wondra flour have been voluntarily recalled, as well as three Betty Crocker cake mixes.

While no E. Coli has been found by the company at their manufacturing plant, they chose to be overly cautious following an outbreak that sickened 38 people in 20 states.

However, General Mills has expanded their list of recalled items after more people have fallen ill. The new recall list is warning consumers of the dangers of eating raw cookie dough.

General Mills explains in their statement that health officials have linked the reported E. Coli cases to the handling of uncooked dough. Still, they maintain that “no illnesses have been connected with flour that has been properly baked, cooked or handled.”

We always thought perhaps the cookie dough myth was just perpetuated by parents who wanted all the cookie dough for themselves. Apparently, it’s no myth. Bake with caution, people!

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General Mills Expands Massive Flour and Cake Mix Recall