The Reason This Postman is Standing in the Rain Will Make You Cry / Carole Chase-Draughan

Over the last few years, social media has changed our world, making it part of everyday life to peer into the windows of others’ day-to-day activities — sometimes without them even realizing it is happening. This held true for postal carrier Glenn Corbett of Pensacola, Fla. last week.

Corbett, in the course of his normal work day activity, caught the attention of a grieving woman, Carole Chase-Draughan, who was laying her father to rest on a rainy day. As the rain poured down and the funeral procession was headed down the street, Chase-Draughan noticed Corbett standing on the side of the road, helmet in hand, paying his respects to the deceased World War II veteran.

Overcome by gratitude for the kind gesture, Chase-Draughan snapped a photograph of Corbett’s patriotic tribute and posted it to a local news Facebook page with the caption, “Whoever this wonderfully patriotic postman is, I would love to just thank him for his respect, during the steady rain on Wednesday afternoon as the funeral motorcade for my WWII Veteran father passed him. This is what Respect looks like!”

A small selfless gesture went a long way on that stormy day, as Corbett pulling his mail truck over, stepping out of his vehicle, and paying respects for a United States veteran has touched people across the country.

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The Reason This Postman is Standing in the Rain Will Make You Cry