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10 Best Florida Georgia Line Songs From the Duo's 12-Year Partnership

American country music duo Florida Georgia Line is not only one of the most successful duos in country music history, but their music managed to push Nashville and country music in a new musical direction in the early to mid-2010s. The group, made up of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, has often been credited with popularizing the "bro-country" trend, but just like good music, Florida Georgia Line has evolved with the times.

It's no secret that the boys of FGL can write a hit country song. They've done so on tracks like "Get Your Shine On," "Round Here," "This Is How We Roll" (featuring Luke Bryan), "Sippin' On Fire" and more. Feel-good country hits like these will always have a place in country music, but Florida Georgia Line also has a way of balancing those undeniable hits with deeper, more meaningful tracks. With the news that Florida Georgia Line has played their final show as a duo, we're looking back at the best Florida Georgia Line songs from the duo's 12-year career.

10. "Sun Daze"

Florida Georgia Line returned to the party songs with "Sun Daze," but this song showcased a bit of an island-inspired beat not heard in previous songs. The summer-ready tune from their studio album Anything Goes is perfect for enjoying a hot summer day at the pool or cruising around with the windows down and it's likely to get any country fan whistling along. This song was yet another hit for FGL.

9. "May We All" (featuring Tim McGraw)

Florida Georgia Line partnered up with Tim McGraw in 2016 for "May We All" from their Dig Your Roots album. This song is also an introspective track in which they list the simple things they hope all people experience in their lives. The duo again released a cinematic music video for the song featuring McGraw. "May We All" became another hit for FGL and earned 3x Platinum status.

8. "Meant To Be"

Florida Georgia Line has released some popular collaborations over the course of their career, but none quite reached the prominence of their super-hit with Bebe Rexha:"Meant To Be." Released in 2017, this love song-turned-monster hit racked up endless accolades for both FGL and Rexha and earned each artist bragging rights for its 10x Platinum status.

7. "Simple"

Florida Georgia Line can write hit party songs, but as other songs on this list have shown, they also record catchy tunes about regular life. The single "Simple," from the duo's album Can't Say I Ain't Country, is about what it sounds like - the simple things in life that everyone loves. The duo looks back on these simple parts of life with a sense of nostalgia. The song was successful, but it landed just shy of the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart at No. 2.

6. "Blessings"

Hubbard and Kelley again show gratefulness for the good things in their lives with their 2019 single "Blessings" from their Can't Say I Ain't Country album. The song wasn't one of their biggest hits, peaking only at No. 23 on the charts, but it continued the theme of deeper, more introspective tracks from the group.

5. "Life Rolls On"

Life Rolls On is part of FGL's fifth studio album of the same name released on February 12, 2021. The album was their first full-length release with their producer, Corey Crowder. The album was nominated at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards for Top Country Album.

4. "Second Guessing"

Written by songwriter Griffen Palmer, the ballad "Second Guessing" premiered on NBC's Songland when the duo were musical guests.

"Since I met you, I ain't spent one second guessing / I made up my mind," the duo sing, "I never knew I just had to find my direction / Getting lost in your eyes."

3. "H.O.L.Y"

As their career went on, Hubbard and Kelly went from two single guys to committed husbands, and their 2016 track, "H.O.L.Y.," was their way of showcasing that. This mid-tempo ballad, complete with piano and guitar instrumentation, finds the duo praising their wives and considering them somewhat "holy." The cinematic music video for the song also featured their wives, Hayley and Brittney.

2. "Dirt"

While Florida Georgia Line released many hits over years following "Cruise," one of the first songs that strayed away from the good-time vibe of their music was 2014's "Dirt." In this song, the duo sing about the importance of settling down with a partner and starting a life. It was also slower in tempo than their previous hits. This didn't deter radio, and "Dirt" went on to become a 2x Platinum No. 1 on the country airplay chart and Billboard country chart.

1. "Cruise"

One cannot think about Florida Georgia Line's discography without mentioning the song that started it all for them — "Cruise." This first single, which remains their biggest hit to date, introduced the duo way back in 2012 on their debut album Here's To The Good Times. This song is all about cruising down the road with a girl and enjoying life, and it's been credited for unofficially kicking off the bro-country era. All versions of the song, including the remix with Nelly, have added up to earn it Diamond status, an almost unattainable feat. It also landed at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100.


Other notable singles include "Stay," "Confession," "God, Your Mama, and Me" (featuring the Backstreet Boys), "Talk You Out of It," "I Love My Country," "Long Live," and more.

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